• Do you want to improve your child’s brain potential?

    – Do you want to have fun while stimulating the love of

    – Do you want learning in your baby/toddler in an Islamic Way?

    Then Join Us Now!

  • Through Muslimahs & Tots workshops on Tarbiya of children we aim to:

    • Cultivate the love and steadfastness for Allah in our mothers and children.
    • To become confident Muslimahs and Mulims and to act kindly towards mankind.
    • To be there for our fellow Muslims and lend an ear or shoulder to lean on.
    • To provide a high level of Deeny and seculareducation to both mother and child.
    • To provide a platform for Dawaat.
    • To inculcate a love of learning in a fun Islamic way.
    • To enhance the bond between the bond between mother and child.
    • To emphasize that the first nurturing field is the lap of the mother.

    The themes, rhymes, Anasheeds and activites are designed to enhance and stimulate the child’s understanding of Allah our creator, Insha Allah!


    We have 3 age specific programmes:

    • Muslimahs and Baby

      2-12 months

    • Muslimahs and Tots

      12 Months – 4 Years

    • Al Hasanat Playgroup

      3-5 Years