About Us

About Muslimahs & Tots:

The Muslimahs & Tots workshops on Tarbiya of children offers an Islamically educational program based on principles developed by to Child Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Early Childhood Development specialists, Aalimahs and Teachers for toddlers in the 1 year – 4 year age group. This program is designed to stimulate the love of learning, increase self-confidence, enhance co-ordination and perception skills, enrich the mother/toddler relationship and most importantly to connect and Praise Allah our creator and our Rabb. It is based on a syllabus which we intend to be Islamically compliant regarding the Tarbiya of children Inshala. As Muslims we are so aware that the mothers lap is the first “school”. The word Tarbiya means to nuture rear or take care of a child from stage to stage until he/she becomes obedient and righteous!


What does Muslimahs & Tots offer for the mother & child?

  1. A mother is an educator and is therefore the child’s first madressah. It is her effort on Deen that makes and shapes our children into the adults that they will one day be.
  2. The Muslimahs & Tots workshops on Tarbiya of children, provides an Islamically compliant environment for Muslimahs & Tots to interact within, away from household chores, phone calls etc. and to spend quality time with their little ones and to socialize.
  3. Lays the foundation for Academic Success.

Did you know that the first 3 years of life is when 80% of brain potential is developed?

This is when personality sets in. After birth begins the crucial years, in the first three years, the child may undergo influences that will alter his entire future. People are intelligent beings and need mental food almost more than physical food. This is the critical time to enhance perceptive skills by an introduction to colours, sizes, shapes, number concepts, spatial awareness and skills developing,