Al Hasanat Playgroup

What is the Al – Hasanat preschool and what does it offer?

  • Al – Hasanat Preschool is a Franchise run in South Africa. We have Preschools nationwide. We are an Islamic and Secular / Playgroup and Preschool. Our remarkable program is based on both Early Childhood Development and Montessori theory and practice. Our curriculum is holistic and covers every area of development. This program is designed to stimulate the love of learning, increase self confidence, and enhance co-ordination and perception skills.
  • We pride ourselves with our well devised literacy and numeracy programme.

Daily Activities That Cover Every Area of Development with Emphasis On:

  • Intellectual and Social Development
  • Quraan and Sunnah
  • Stories of the Prophets (A.S)
  • Movement Anasheeds
  • Activities To Develop Eye-Hand Co-ordination
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Math
  • Life Skills
  • Reading Readiness
  • Creative Art
  • Bakers Day
  • Audiblox
  • Computers
  • Gym Kids